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Can. Icon Canadian Rail Database

The Canadian Railroad Database is a complete digital map database of the entire railroad network in Canada. It has been developed to be used with a desktop mapping system and/or Geographic Information System (GIS).

The database has been developed through extensive industry research. It is continually updated and reflects all the rail currently in operation. Rail classified as abandoned is not included in the databases. Railroad company names are updated and represent all changes resulting from industry mergers and acquisitions.

The Canadian Railroad Database consists of a graphical line layer of data that represents all major and short line railroad companies. The graphical objects, or rail lines, are linked to a database containing information about the specific rail line, such as:

Rail Operators - Rail operators usually are the owners of the line. In some cases the line may be owned by one entity and operated by another. Up to three operator fields are used to identify the railroad companies operating the rail line. The first field contains the primary operator.
Track Rights - Track rights indicate that a railroad company has an agreement to operate their trains over a specific rail line owned by another company. Up to three fields are used to identify the companies that have track rights over a particular stretch of rail.

Passenger - If applicable, one field is appointed to identify the passenger service operating over the rail line.

More Info Icon For more information, see Canadian Railroad Database white paper.

The database is a comprehensive railroad database for viewing and mapping rail lines with associated information about the rail line. Common uses for the database include:

  • Planning - conduct your rate & schedule analysis
  • Route Studies - determine the most efficient rail routes
  • Consulting - customize maps for your clients
  • Emergency Response - HazMat emergency response projects
  • Market Studies - conduct your own real estate analysis
  • Fleet Management - add your own data for each station location your fleet uses. ROW maintenance and inventory

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